March 12, 2017

Waiting for Spring

I don't think I have ever been so excited for Spring as I am this year! Here in Washington what they consider a winter doesn't even come remotely close to what I grew up with in my home state of Minnesota. But this "winter" seemed to drag on and on with the grey and rainy days more than ever!

I have been doing everything I can think of to bring some Springtime in our home. Whether it be live plants, dried flowers or faux, they all help!

And we have moved since I last posted! We weren't left with a lot of time to find a place so we had to reluctantly settle on an apartment for now...of which is painful for me being it is half the square feet of our last home! And it faces the West/Northwest so we get very limited light of which drives me bonkers! I hope as the seasons change soon that we'll get better light because I NEED it! The management also said they plan on removing some of the dead surrounding pine trees and that will help and will also reveal the beautiful Olympic mountain's we've currently just got peak-a-boo views of now! I told my husband that if we have to move into an apartment it has to be on the top floor, so at least I got that.  I am really looking forward to those trees being removed and the light and views! I will share pictures when that happens! :)

Now that my husband is out of the military we are feverishly working hard to get things in order to move out East and buy our forever farmhouse! (It cannot happen soon enough!!) Lots of acreage, nature and some good old restoration is what the goal is. He keeps telling me the farmhouse of my dreams doesn't exist! But I keep telling him I'll find it...believe that!

Until then I try to post somewhat regularly on Instagram and the plan is to post more often here now too. I did want to also say that being where we currently call home is so small and dark, I'm really struggling with taking full room shots that are clear and not super shadowy and grainy...(the struggle is real let me tell you!) So more close-up shots is what has to be sadly... But let me tell you when we find our forever farmhouse the pictures will be ian abundance of wide angle shots! Because my number one must have is lots and lots of windows!!

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