April 15, 2017

Happy Easter!

 I thought I would pop in and wish everyone a Happy Easter!

    A lot of my holiday decorations are in storage right now... but I've never really had much for the Easter holiday, even when my kids were younger I'd just have a few things out... until the night of the Easter bunnies visit that is :) Now that they are older I like to keep it even more simpler with a few things here and there (Although I do miss playing Easter bunny!).

I recently found this old wire egg carrier at one of our local antique stores I like to browse through, and would you believe it was only $5! These are something I love to collect and they're perfect for Easter decorating, but also I like to leave them out year round too.

The weather has been very springlike the last couple of days (finally)! It's always so motivating for me when the sun is shining! So I started cleaning, and rearranging our bedroom because ever since we moved in I just cannot seem to get it right where I have the bed and dressers located. Does anyone else hate that cable outlets and televisions dictate how a room gets arranged? I'd rather not have a television in a room and be able to decorate as I please! Maybe I will show it if I can ever get it right!

With the beautiful sunshine and blue skies today I had to stop what I was doing for a bit and head outside, it was so nice out! Everything is in bloom... and the neighbors were mowing their lawns... I just love Spring and the smell of fresh cut grass, heck even the sound of a lawn mower this time of year is music to my ears after a long winter haha!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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  1. What a cute egg holder Getting a room right is a challenge but always so worth it Cable outlets are a bane Would love to see how you do it Glad you're back

    linda m