September 25, 2015

A Touch of Fall

I've slowly begun to add some simple touches of Fall to our home, and I had taken a few pictures for my Instagram this week that I thought I would share here on my blog as well.

The above pinecone wreath I bought at Jo-Ann's last Fall on clearance for $10 due to it missing one pinecone! I actually left it out front all year long too, because I liked it that much!

I still need to get pumpkins and I will then mix the mini's in through my ironstone pieces. I actually saw a picture come through my Instagram feed of pumpkins at Trader Joe's and they have what looks like heirloom pumpkins! The faded light greens and light orange pinwheel looking pumpkins! They were good sized for $5.99 too! So I am going to check those out, those prices are much better than Lowe's and Home Depot (And sadly the grocery store) where we always end up going ….  Just another reason I need to move out to the country! To grow my own :)

This beautiful old potting bench I always display some of my ironstone pieces on in the dining room, and I am all too often "putzing" around with what's on it! (I always use that word whenever I am moving things around and rearranging, when my husband asks what I am up to haha, he loves that non-descriptive word so much! :)

Last weekend we had to run to Lowe's and I saw they had some of their mum's starting to be put out so I grabbed a few oranges for a change this year. I usually try to buy white or light yellow mums but I couldn't find neither, maybe it's too early…

I have the WORST time with these guys though. I know they aren't meant to last a long time, but within a few weeks mine always get so sickly looking … but here's hoping these won't!

This weekend my husband plans on baking some apple crisp! He is an awesome cook too, lucky me! :)

 I so love this time of year though with the cooler temps and beginning of the holidays. Autumn is by far my favorite season, but honestly being from Minnesota where there are four very distinctive seasons compared to Washington state, where half the leaves don't fall off the tree's in the so-called "winter" and even the grass stays GREEN all winter long! Wintertime here is Washington's rainy season and the temps don't usually drop below the low 30's. Just more reasons why we want to move back East - I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss snow too!

Happy Fall!

September 17, 2015

Autumn Bedroom

Today I decided it was time to bring out some of my Autumn bed linens, and I thought I would take a few pictures of the bedroom to share.

I usually don't use bright and bold colors in any of my decorating, but these pillow cases added just the right amount of Fall-like colors.

It is a rainy day here today, which I am now thinking maybe I should have waited for a brighter day to take these pictures …

We recently ordered this bed frame, and although it is not a true "antique" it looks close enough for me. Sadly, antique queen sized bed frames are apparently non-existant …. so this works!

The below quilt across the foot of the bed is also a recent buy (with the matching big pillow cover on the bed) and I honestly bought it not for the top side of the quilt, but for the backside, which is a solid plaid design with my favorite creams and whites. Plaid and gingham design I have always been drawn to, whether it's bedding, clothing, linens …. if it's in my color palette, I want it : )

Below is a picture of the top side of the blanket, it's not terrible, just not me :)

The below bench I found last weekend and I am so thrilled with it!! It was a steal too, I got about 75% off what the shop was originally asking for it :)) The bench seat lifts for extra storage too, which I never have enough of so that was just an added perk!

One of my other slowly growing collections is antique baskets, I have then scattered everywhere around the house!

Happy "almost" Friday!