May 12, 2014

It's Been Awhile & A Little Road Trip

 This blog of mine has sure been neglected! I always have such good intentions to start to post regularly, and then life gets in the way. Plus we have been kind of in limbo with where we are going next (hubby is in the Navy) and where we currently live it is not really "my style" of home...  so I am not too proud to show it off!

 A few weekends back Brian and I decided to drive up to Port Gamble, WA which is about a 30 minute drive from our house, to tour an old mill town that we have driven through many times that we always talk about stopping in, but we never do! 

I thought I would share a few pictures I took while we were there. I absolutely LOVE old houses, (especially old farmhouses) and even more so the ones that are abandoned that you see driving in the country. I always want to stop and peak in the windows! : ) 

I was pretty bummed though as the tour office was closed the day we were there, so I could only take pictures from the outside looking in.

This town was built in 1853 to exactly replicate the Maine town many of the workers came from, so they wouldn't become home sick. This old mill town is now a National Historic Landmark, as it was/is the longest running mill town in the country. 

The below Victorian was built in 1888 for the lumber mill manager. The house faces the water where the mill was set up for the ships coming in and out through the canals of the Puget Sound. They purposely built the house to face the water to welcome the incoming ships and captains.

                               The below picture is looking out from the front of the house.

I didn't think at the time that I was going to be posting any of these pictures on my blog, so I didn't think to take a picture of the mill that was directly in front of the house.


I love the details put into old houses and this one had plenty! The below pictures are again from me peaking into the what looks like the keeping room room, as it is adjoining to the kitchen and right on the other side of the above door.

Almost every room we could see had a fireplace in it, as fireplaces were their only heat source back then.

This looks to be the pantry. Nevermind my finger that got into the shot : )

Houses sure aren't built like they used to - the details and charm of an old house just cannot be replicated now-a-days.

The below is the kitchen, it was hard to get a good shot of (again looking through the windows).

I am also not quite sure what that haze is in the middle of the above picture ... but I am just going to say it was the bright sun shining in! This town is supposedly haunted and this house is one of the "hot spots" they say, so it may have been a good thing we couldn't go in! haha

Look at that big ol' sink! 

This old town is filled with gas burning street lamps as you walk through and see the town physicians home, the girls dormitory, post office (still operating) and the general store etc. 
Maybe my next post I will share those photo's :)