Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Been Awhile & A Little Road Trip

 This blog of mine has sure been neglected! I always have such good intentions to start to post regularly, and then life gets in the way. Plus we have been kind of in limbo with whether we will be moving or not (hubby is in the Navy) and where we currently live it is not really "my style" of home ...  so I am not too proud to show it off! haha I am though on the hunt for a farmhouse! We will see what happens, but I do frequent my favorite blogs on here regularly for inspiration! : )

 A few weekends back Brian and I decided to drive up to Port Gamble, WA which is about a 30 minute drive from our house, to tour an old mill town that we have driven through many times that we always talk about stopping in, but we never do! 

I thought I would share a few pictures I took while we were there. I absolutely LOVE old houses, (especially old farmhouses) and even more so the ones that are abandoned that you see driving in the country. I always want to stop and peak in the windows! : ) 

I was pretty bummed though as the tour office was closed the day we were there, so I could only take pictures from the outside looking in.

This town was built in 1853 to exactly replicate the Maine town many of the workers came from, so they wouldn't become home sick. This old mill town is now a National Historic Landmark, as it was/is the longest running mill town in the country. 

The below Victorian was built in 1888 for the lumber mill manager. The house faces the water where the mill was set up for the ships coming in and out through the canals of the Puget Sound. They purposely built the house to face the water to welcome the incoming ships and captains.

                               The below picture is looking out from the front of the house.

I didn't think at the time that I was going to be posting any of these pictures on my blog, so I didn't think to take a picture of the mill that was directly in front of the house.


I love the details put into old houses and this one had plenty! The below pictures are again from me peaking into the what looks like the keeping room room, as it is adjoining to the kitchen and right on the other side of the above door.

Almost every room we could see had a fireplace in it, as fireplaces were their only heat source back then.

This looks to be the pantry. Nevermind my finger that got into the shot : )

Houses sure aren't built like they used to - the details and charm of an old house just cannot be replicated now-a-days.

The below is the kitchen, it was hard to get a good shot of (again looking through the windows).

I am also not quite sure what that haze is in the middle of the above picture ... but I am just going to say it was the bright sun shining in! This town is supposedly haunted and this house is one of the "hot spots" they say, so it may have been a good thing we couldn't go in! haha

Look at that big ol' sink! 

This old town is filled with gas burning street lamps as you walk through and see the town physicians home, the girls dormitory, post office (still operating) and the general store etc. 
Maybe my next post I will share those photo's :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Decorating

This is the window at the front of our home next to the front door and at the bottom of the stairs to go up to our second level. I just wanted to show this as it makes me happy every time I walk past it. I love Autumn and all the colors in the little front tree right now, along with my pumpkins :)
The previous owners had a dog that sadly scratched up the wood as you can see, and they wont let us fix it (we are renting anyways) so it's some what of an eye sore, but I just try to look past that (along with the green utility post out front!)

I love decorating for Fall, but always in a subtle not over the top way. I don't get into the "Scary Halloween" look ... I like a more simple & subdued look.

On the other side of the window now :) I just cleaned out my summer flowers from this old enamelware bowl and gathered up some pine cones and then put a few pumpkins on top of those.

I love the different varieties of pumpkins there are to choose from now, and this pale orange pumpkin was the perfect size for my chippy white chair. The red milk can is next on my "to do" list, as I do not like it's current color and plan on painting it white or cream, or even black? But I have never painted metal before so ... I have been putting that little project off!

My bird house planter box just got cleaned out also and I just put some more pine cones and sticks in there for now. I love using what I can find around in the yard and nearby woods for no cost decorating :) On my hubby's Naval base they have an abundance of acorns now that I plan on filling up a bucket or two very soon too!

Ok back in the house now, I wanted to also share the sweetest thing I just purchased from a shop on Etsy, Thebeezkneezvintage, it is an antique grocery notebook from the early 1900's.

I just love this little book. This is the first time I have opened it since receiving, and it is so interesting to me how people lived back in the day. This particular woman kept track of what she bought, and whom she bought it from, then checked it as paid as you can see the check marks on the sides or she just wrote "paid".

So neat! There are more available in this shop too, I may have to get a couple more from her to have a little collection :)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Weekend Running Around Town

This past weekend I did a little running around town to some shops I just found out about. I needed to unload some items from my Etsy shop that just weren't getting much action, and things that I had no use for anymore. I have been trying to de-clutter, reorganize and downsize here this Fall, and hey, if I can make a few dollars while at it, why not! I also have made PLENTY of drop-offs to our local Goodwill in the past few weeks too :)

I have lived here in Washington for a little over a year now and cannot believe I never knew of this fun shop. It is literally 10 minutes from my house! Just look at the shop owners business card to get an idea of what the outside looks like! (I love the old truck too, that is on my 'hopefully one day' list!)

I plan on asking in the near future if I can take some pictures of the inside as it is SO awesome. It's full of vintage, rustic things that I just love, and her prices are unbelievable, she keeps them low to keep things moving, and I could certainly help her out with that "moving" part :)

I did make one purchase while there, this old English ironstone pitcher that I just could not leave behind. I mean look at that discoloration! Just the way I like it, and was only $12!

After I left her shop I ran into another shop on my way home ... (not to actually shop, but the hubs is trying to sell a little trailer he bought when we were back in MN in August) and while he was talking with them, I did a little browsing and could NOT believe what I found buried on a bottom shelf in the way back, completely covered in a thick dust - a very old ironstone platter and ironstone bowl! They have some chips and cracks, but that never bothers me. The very best part of this day was, they had an old wooden sled out front, and I have been wanting one for some time now for Christmas decorating and this one was perfect, and what was even MORE perfect ........ he wanted $20 TOTAL for all three items! That broke down to $2 for the bowl, $3 for the platter, and $15 for the sled! Ummm SOLD! :)

I just had to share these awesome deals with someone :)
Back to cleaning out the closets for me!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This and That

I have been so busy since my last post! Between work, my shop, family and everything else we have going on I haven't been able to do much with this blog this summer.

We just recently got back from a road trip (1800 miles one way mind you!) to our home state of Minnesota to visit family and take care of some business. I did a little junkin while there and found the most beautiful antique ironstone pitcher with it's original wash basin that I just had to share!

As usual it's difficult to get the right lighting and pictures do not do it justice, but it is full of crazing and even has a small crack, but I think that just adds to its charm and probably the price, which was a steal! To date this is my best find yet!

There was another large ironstone pitcher and basin that I am kicking myself now for not buying and possibly adding to my shop ...

I also wanted to show this old antique desk we got out of storage that I haven't seen in forever!

For now it is at the top of the stairs on our second level, right under that blinding window with the bright afternoon sun! :)

It may need to be repainted one day because it is pretty dinged up, but for now I will leave it alone.

I also thought I would show my "staging area" I usually use for my Etsy shop photos.

This weathered old "gardening station" should be used outdoors, but I just cannot bring myself to put it out there ... Maybe our next house will have a four season porch I could put it in, but for now it works in my little dining room :)

I haven't done much for Autumn decorating yet ... I also haven't hung much up on the walls for that matter yet either (we've lived here for a year now! haha) but life should be slowing down soon so I can go through more moving boxes.

As for Fall decorating, I've just spread some pinecones we gathered last weekend around the house so far, and in the old swivel frame I added this "Falling Leaves" printable I found on Pinterest.

I hope everyone's able to take some time to enjoy this time of year, it is my favorite, but sadly so short lived ....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Latest Treasures On This Rainy Day ...

It's a rainy day here in Washington state, and my lavender is doing so well! This photo is looking out back of my home from inside my living room. My hubby recently built me this potting bench, which is made out of downed trees from the Cascade Mountains. I decided (being this is the lavender growing capital of the US!) that I would give growing lavender a try myself, starting in pots, and I purposely put the pots outside our living room windows for their lovely aroma just blows in with the right breeze ... I just love lavender.

My main reason to post today was I thought I would show some great new pieces I have received lately .. There are many more, and hubby is just as thrilled!(haha)
I am somewhat new to Etsy, and have gotten so caught up in the convenience of shopping from the comfort of my own couch! Here are a few of my most recent finds!

This beautiful platter I just received today from the Etsy shop cyndalees and I LOVE IT, it is an antique English platter, in a dark gray transferware of clematis with two bees on each end, it is quite large but will be so perfect for using on special occasions serving our holiday meals on. Also the ironstone pitchers are new to my ever expanding ironstone collection, I am always on the hunt for ironstone with lots of crazing!

The flying bees on each end I even love! I am just thrilled with this latest find!

Some more fun finds, this vintage wooden tool caddy and the ironstone plates are now treasured pieces.

I am constantly moving things around, these items will most likely not be in these same places by weeks end!

It's so dark and dreary out (Not the best day for indoor picture taking) so I turned on the lights to show this last item. I purchased this "Keeping Room" blackened beeswax scented tart from Kim at prairieantiques, and let me tell you, I chose the flower shoppe scent and it is divine, and there are many, many more scents to choose from also! I just adore her store, it is one of my favorites on Etsy for sure!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! I have plenty more treasures to show again soon :)


Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Plantings

Wow, I have been gone for a long time ... how time does fly! I have been so busy lately with opening (and the fun part, furnishing!) my new Etsy shop, along with my honey FINALLY coming back from an 8 month deployment, that I have neglected this blog of mine! Well I decided today I would start it up again by showing my beautiful Endless Summer Hydrangeas that I decided to start in pots on my front step. Hydrangeas are one of the most pretty flowering plants, it's also neat that you can control what color they will bloom in by just adding alkaline to the soil for pink blooms or acidic pellets for beautiful blue blooms, of which I wanted. They almost don't look real!

I also planted some white Alyssum in an old enamelware bowl I had. I had my hubby drill some holes in the bottom for drainage, and I think it looks nice on my $10 wooden Ikea chair I painted white years ago.

I also added some pretty vibrant blue Lobelia to an old planter box I had, which somehow some of the blooms are blooming purple, but none-the-less are still pretty, and smell so divine!

I also added some left over white Alyssum to these little terra cotta pots I had laying around, along with these mini metal chair pot holders I found at a local antique shop in Port Orchard for $2 each! I have been contemplating painting them white, but for now I will leave them black ... (I hate decisions) .... The old looking, rusty watering can I actually found on Pinterest (sold on Ebay by Country Craft House) and I couldn't resist at $12.99, I love the wooden handle and it fits into my old rusty obsession perfectly!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Spring too & happy weekend! : )