February 22, 2016

Small White Chest of Drawers

Hello! Remember me?

These last few months have just been a whirlwind! We are in the midst of a lot of upcoming changes and transition here, and I am looking forward to what's next on the horizon for us! (More on that in another post).

Anyways ... I thought I would clean up my blog some today and create a fresh new blog post. I have been contemplating deleting this blog and starting over, which may still happen, but if I do I will post something here first.

The above small chest of drawers is a recent gift to myself for Christmas :) I just adore it and thought I'd share a little about it. It's from the store Hobby Lobby, that I had never even heard of until reading a post on the blog FARMHOUSE5540 that Megan mentioned a recent purchase she had made there. So after looking through their website (Being the closest store here is about 50 miles away at least) I found this great reproduction (at a great price!) that I just repainted in white (from the terrible colors they sold it as) and I couldn't be happier! So thanks Megan :)

Also, just in case any of you have not seen Megan's blog, she has the most beautiful farmhouse she is renovating and I get lots of decorating inspiration from her. You must check out her blog if you like "farmhouse style" as much as I do, hers is the real deal!

 The drawer pulls almost match the pulls on my antique cupboard!

So moral of the story here is, if you ever find something that you really like but don't like the color of, remember you can always paint it!

And per usual this time of year, I have the worst Spring fever going on.... so much that I've already painted my front porch little table and chairs... I cannot wait to open the windows and get outside and start gardening! This year I am thinking of growing a bunch of different varieties of herbs too, nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs!

But until then, this is what I see all around my house, green mossy trees.... That's Washington for ya!

 I did clean up my lone strawberry plant I bought on clearance last Fall, I am hoping that it will have a good production this summer, I may have to pick up a few more depending on how this one does, as I have never grown strawberries before. When I was little I remember my grandma always had a little hill behind her house that was just covered in the most delicious strawberries, and I want to eventually do the same :)

Until next time!