April 24, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things

Old white ironstone: Whether cracked, crazed or chipped I love it! It is my favorite thing to collect! Although lately I am leaning more towards all white than discolored. I do have many pieces that are discolored and I will probably never part with them, but the crisp white pieces I am now gravitating towards.

 Ironstone milk pitchers are another favorite I am always on the lookout for as well. Bowls of all sizes ..... stacked or grouped together or even used to free up counter space. I have ironstone in probably almost every room :)

Soaps: I am always on the look out for pretty neutral colored soaps. Whether they are old or new...
I do love vintage French soap blocks but they can get costly, so I usually buy mine through Amazon. These French Savon de Marseille blocks are a fraction of the cost through Amazon and they still come from France too :)

I am also a sucker for pretty packaging and typography!

Grain sacks: I will never have enough and of course vintage linens too, especially soft and floppy ones with either no markings, or with red or blue stripes and monograms. I absolutely love them all!

I wish there were more of the taupe/caramel striped grain sacks around and not so darn costly! eBay is the best place to keep an eye out for good deals on grain sacks though I have found, even more so than Etsy. The one above with the c.1912 stitched in it, was a splurge but otherwise I don't mind if they have small stains or rust marks because those are typically the less expensive ones and usually with a good soak they will clean right up!

I also keep an eye out for old linens whether pillow cases, tablecloths or fabric pieces at the Goodwill or any thrift store, as you will find they are super inexpensive! And I like the look of stacked cutter pieces here and there in my favorite colors and patterns, not just in the sewing room :) The above was in my craft room but now sadly so much is boxed as we will be moving soon. 

  On that note, I also wanted to say I am sorry that most of my photo's are close-ups here and on Instagram and not a wider view, but with there being boxes in most room corners for what feels like forever now, and a lot of my goodies are in boxes as well .... So until we get moved, close-ups are gonna be it from me :(
But! When we get where we are going next and settled in, I will for sure be sharing wider view shots! I cannot tell you how excited I am for that..... a blank template! :))

                                                ..... More of my favorites to come!

                                  I hope everyone is enjoying a nice Spring where you are!


  1. Wonderful collection of farmhouse love.
    All things I would have in my French Farmhouse style


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