November 15, 2015

New Cupboard

I was going through some of my pictures I had taken recently and thought I would create a little blog post on this gloomy Sunday and share a bit of what I have had going on around here. Starting first with the last of my hydrangeas :) They are such a pretty color this time of year, I'm sad to see them go!

I bought this antique cupboard this Fall that I found on Craigslist, and I have been struggling with what to do with it ever since! It was filthy with so much grime and multiple layers of paint in all colors of the rainbow, that I decided to strip it and repaint it. I was originally going to leave it as it was, but I was also worried about lead paint, even though I did seal it at one point but I still didn't like the look of it after. Here are some before pictures before I stripped it.

 I just love the old latch on the front. There is just no replicating old hardware!

So much paint was barely hanging on by a thread, and after I cleaned it up a lot of the paint whiped right off! That was really the deciding factor in my repainting it. I love the look of chippy white old furniture... but there was sadly no way of saving it on this piece. 

Here are a few "afters" that I have taken recently of the cabinet. I have put a couple coats of paint on it, but I am not liking it such a bright white now, so back out to the garage it will be going this week for a darker shade of white, more so I am thinking a creamy white now. Plus my husband was out to sea while I was refurbishing the cabinet and I need his help to really make this the way I envisioned it :) So I am sharing just a few pictures of it how it is now. More will follow in another blog post!

             The below is what it looks like for now….

            The drawer pulls will be painted over soon as I'm not a fan of their brassy color.

The antique wooden spools in these pictures I just love! I got such a good deal on them and now I wish I would have bought more before they sold out!! If you are looking for this type of thing, you can always find them on Etsy or Ebay. I also have a local shop that is online that I check into here and there called Komedal Road, some things are a bit pricey, but these were sold in sets of 3 for $9.00! 

I have gone back and forth in how I will be using this cabinet. I have (for now) decided that it will be used in my future craft room to hold some of my supplies. As it is pretty good sized and will hold a lot! I cannot wait :)

The guy that I bought the cabinet from also had a bunch of old jars and crocks he was selling, and while I was picking through them he asked me which one I wanted! I didn't want to say "All of them!" so I grabbed this one and asked about an old 3 gallon Red Wing crock he had….. Surprisingly they are now mine for no extra cost! I couldn't believe it! 

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! The best part is my husband will be home for the holidays this year! I haven't done a lot of decorating so far, as we have started to declutter and box things up we don't use regularly or need out while we are planning to move in the next few months. 

I did come across my ironstone turkey platter though that I found at the Goodwill last summer! So this will be staying out until Thanksgiving! And I compiled most of my small pumpkins from Halloween and put them all in a basket on our front porch :)

I truly wish I could post more often here on my blog, but between the dark and gloomy Washington weather (not easy for picture taking!) and honestly…  I'm just not very inspired in our current home (pretty sure you have heard that before too haha). I am hoping that our next home will be the perfect backdrop to start sharing more of my home and the farmhouse style that I love! 

**I do post more often on Instagram if you're interested in following along there :)



  1. SOOOOOO many things I love here Shannon! That cupboard is AMAZING and such a good find! I love the way the red and white linens look in it, and then the wooden spools are the icing on the cake! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!! ~Megan

  2. What a beautiful home you have, I just love your decor style. I will definitely be dropping back in.


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